Human Dignity

Human Dignity

My definition of human dignity is that every human being is valuable. In the words of the UDHR, human dignity is defined as the idea that every human has inherent worth.

I believe the foundation of dignity lies truly only in our ability to recognize and truly appreciate others’ worth. That worth being infinitesimally small, apparently non-existent or even grossly exaggerated is not up to anybody or even quantifiable. It isn’t based on opinion or value-assessment but rather by recognition of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of humanity. With that in mind, my perspective on the topic of the foundation of the dignity of the human person is that human dignity cannot be shared by a group of people or even religion but rather is a personal characteristic whose appreciation and sharing can only be achieved by accepting no human being has greater or less value than we do. In my opinion, this acceptance is the only foundation of human dignity.


2 thoughts on “Human Dignity

  1. I’ve been ruminating on your comment for a few days now and I have to admit, I like it nearly as much as the post. Thanks for the compliments, pushing anybody on is always a good deed. Your appreciation of my blog probably raised my dignity level HEHE.
    The logic behind my portrayal of dignity needing recognition really lies in only that. Being recognized and in no way getting valued,given or taken. Kindness can be shown to me and not you but human dignity is so inherently omnipresent within each one of us that we inadvartently appreciate in other people only by relating to our own. In a way, human dignity can also be seen as a species granted right-I digress. Hope my answer is sufficient, if not, kindly indulge me more.


  2. True, true.. Somewhat idealistic in that the term ‘dignity’ is too abstract and has far too many interpretations hence can not form a basis for a solid argument. You do try to solve this by giving your own perspective, I recognize and appreciate this but the fundamentals of your argument give human beings the authority to determine each other’s dignity. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to view dignity as wealth etc or in your view, inalienable rights that accrue to every human being, the minute you attest that human beings need to recognise these ‘rights’ in others, then dignity the concept of dignity and equality is essentially lost. Human beings will always show favoritism and partiality. Using your argument, let’s say right to life is the measure of dignity. It is the most basic human right yes? I am a murderer and decide to kill you and not your friend. Are you hence less, dignified than him, because of my choice, the right I choose to deny you and extend to him/her?
    I however, agree with you and maybe I only took an opposing side to stir up an argument. I will definitely be reading more of your pieces and will occasionally concur.


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