The Nature of Human Freedom

The Nature of Human Freedom

The nature of human freedom refers to a culture of life that upholds everyone’s dignity and emphasizes the inherent right to life, a right that should not be denied or infringed in any way. Every human being has rights that should not be violated in whichever way whatsoever. Rights that consequently come with responsibilities requiring every individual to practice his or her rights cautiously and responsibly so as not to interfere with others’ rights. The nature of human freedom should therefore entirely subscribe to the philosophy of the culture of life – that advocates for and promotes human dignity, the core to every individual. A culture that’s devoid of any social, political or even economic interference. A culture that nurtures and protects the dignity of every human being from conception to natural death. That should be the real description of life.
Society must therefore rise to the occasion by protecting and defending the dignity and value of human life because that’s what describes the nature of human freedom.
It’s the obligation of everyone to build a culture that favors the development of a society that’s mindful of the dignity of its members. Human freedom should accommodate everyone in all respects. It should campaign for the need to respect everyone regardless of his or her cultural background, social status, age, race, political affiliation or gender. That respect to everyone forms the pillar to which dignity is built which is the foundation of every human right. Both men and women should be treated without bias or any form of discrimination to either party. Equality in matters of gender must be emphasized and practiced to the highest standards possible. The essence of human freedom should be that no one is denied his or her fundamental rights and especially the right to life. It should see that society abjures its allegiance to acts that demean the dignity of any person and articulate measures that protect the right to life of every human being. That’s the nature of human freedom.


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