The Moon Can Melt

“Me? I’m great,” isn’t that what you want to hear, nobody’s honest and we don’t find it queer. 


Money makes the world go round, without it would the sun frost? If money makes your world go round, how much does your soul cost? Has money bought you happiness, don’t you wish your weren’t grown, our childhood holds the best memories and we made them on our own. Busy paper chasing, petty hating, is a whole generation really drawn by the allure, will money worship ever have a cure? We want to drive big cars, pollute our world, who even cares about the poor, in a few years go bald, and soon after your dead for sure, your money lives on, your just a pawn, even the person who’s face is on it – long gone.

How many things with society are wrong? I laugh by choice, smile automatically but I’m forced by life to frown.

Sheila doesn’t think she pretty enough, Patrick won’t date a thick girl, so she lives in gyms, watches the Kardashians, and is somewhere looking for a cream to make her tits perk, everybody’s doing make up like clowns and every place I visit now is a circus town.

Insecurities rule our lives now, and status is all we craze, we’ve replaced work and deeds, like feigns and thieves, for quick riches, some Instagram pics and few Twitter favs. Everybody has so many faces now, social media is giving cowards an outlet, we promote gossip and hate, profanities all for a better subscribe rate. Would you parade yourself like so in real life? Just because your parents aren’t on your friendlist, it’s not a licence to be obscene


Facetious. What I feel for the easy life tests I haven’t passed. Tired. Thank God tomorrow today will be my past. Taking it serious doesn’t count if I’m not part of the solution. Medication is for confidence, we heal by our own volition. I’m trying make a difference, change what we all witness, as immorality dilutes our virtues and our way of life is still improper, if you were Jesus wouldn’t you have stayed a little while longer?


Who is this guy? What does he know? My identity is of no value, I only pray the roots of my words grow.


One thought on “The Moon Can Melt

  1. This is a rant..
    There’s actually some good stuff in there but I guess I don’t like the delivery.

    Writers should be versatile but developing an individual style is essential. It brings in loyal readers. I being one of them will categorically say, I hate rhyme.


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